Augmented Construction

Built by Contractors,                   For Contractors.

Walk the latest BIM Model                      on site, at full scale, in real time,        using Augmented Reality.

We put the information you need to build, right where you need it-           On the jobsite.

Click a wall, get the wall type, its layout dimensions, and its construction. Click an outlet, get the mounting height, box size, and circuit number. Click a duct, and get its size, insulation, airflow, approval status, open issues, and control system cuts.


Connect the BIM to your PM Construction Cloud - access your cloud data in person - RFI, punchlists and submittals with a touch of your finger

Access job data in person, and have it displayed right in front of you. Every millwork unit, outlet, plumbing chase, fire rated wall, VFD, furniture system and damper. Every punch list item, seismic detail, and install manual- eliminating confusion, call backs, and backcharges.          

Built it right once,                       the first time.

Projects fail due to the minutes lost every day on the jobsite- From miscommunication of changes and constraints, to lack of access to the latest drawings; From missed crucial notes buried deep in con doc sets, to misunderstanding the construction sequence and steps leading to the finished install.

Minutes saved is productivity earned - thats why-

We're making construction not just paperless:

We're making it drawingless.



Made For All Apple Devices (iOS 11+), Microsoft Hololens and Google Tango Devices

- Stores all the info you need to build, right at the point you need to build it: On the jobsite.

- Links your PM data cloud to the site, and gives you task specific latest drawing, cut, approval status, ASI, design change and BIM model fast

- Pulls native from Revit all object properties- giving the field access to the wealth of information about the building by clicking any object.

- AuC uses deep learning to filter and display trade specific information giving the field the essential information.

- Eliminates trips to the trailer, to flip massive binders of specs, RFIs, submittal cuts and contract drawings.

- Reduces wasted minutes spent scrolling thru data clouds on site tablets, trying to find the right drawing or cut sheet.